Billing Q&A: Fee Recap Calculated vs Transaction Rate

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We did a write-up on a client’s fees and now some of our timekeepers’ rates appear to be incorrect in the Fee Recap section of the statement. Why is this, and how can we change it?

The timekeeper rates are different because the Statement Template being used has Calculated Rate selected for the Fee Recap’s rate. This means that the rate is being calculated as Amount/Hours = Rate for each timekeeper’s fees. This can result in odd amounts for rates if a write-up or write-down has been performed. However, you can change the Fee Recap to use the Transaction Rate instead of the Calculated Rate in order to show expected rates. Selecting the Transaction Rate option will show each rate that was entered for the fees on the statement instead of doing a calculation.

To change the Fee Recap to Transaction Rate

  1. From the Statements menu, point to Statement Setup and select Statement Templates.
  2. Select the client’s Template ID.
  3. On the Fee Format tab, in the bottom Include section, select a Rate of Transaction Rate.
  4. Press Ctrl+S.
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