Billing Q&A: Reverse Case

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One of our attorneys writes all of his time on a sheet of paper and I have to enter those into Tabs3. When entering a particularly long fee, I noticed that I must have inadvertently hit the Caps Lock key at some point. Must I re-enter the entire description again, or is there an alternative available to me?

You can use the Reverse Case option on the shortcut menu to fix these entries. This changes lowercase letters in selected text to uppercase and vice versa. Simply select the text, right-click, and then select Reverse Case to correct the text.

For example, let’s say the following text was entered: “oFFICE CONFERENCE WITH mR. bURNS REGARDING CASE.” When using the Reverse Case option, the capitalization of the text would then be changed as follows: “Office conference with Mr. Burns regarding case.”

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