Billing Q&A: Aged WIP Report

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I need to review all of the unbilled fees for a certain client, but I really need them broken down into their respective aging periods. Is there a report that can provide this information?

The Aged Work-In-Process Report breaks down totals for unbilled fees, expenses, and advances into each aging period. Aging Periods can be defined on the Options tab of Customization (Utilities | Customization).

To run the Aged Work-In-Process Report

  1. From the Reports menu, point to Work-In-Process and select Aged Work-In-Process Report.
  2. On the Client tab, enter the Client ID.
  3. On the Transactions tab:
    1. Select the Fees check box.
    2. Clear the Expenses, Advances, and Payments check boxes.
  4. Click OK.
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