Billing Q&A: Insufficient Timekeeper Rights in the Conflict of Interest Report

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When running the Conflict of Interest Check in Tabs3, one of our users sees “Insufficient Timekeeper Rights” in the Field column. What causes this?

In System Configuration, you can assign timekeepers to a User ID, thus restricting access to information for other timekeepers in Tabs3 Billing, PracticeMaster, and Tabs3 Connect. The “Insufficient Timekeeper Rights” message indicates that there is a result associated with a timekeeper for which the user does not have access rights. The result will be listed because it matched the search criteria, but the user cannot see any additional information unless they are assigned that timekeeper.

If this user needs to have rights to additional timekeepers, a user with Manager access rights must make the change.

To assign timekeepers to a user

  1. From the System Configuration File menu, point to Open and select Users.
  2. Select the desired User ID.
  3. Select the Assign Tabs3/PracticeMaster Timekeepers check box, if not already selected.
  4. Select each timekeeper to which the user should have access.
  5. Press Ctrl+S.

Alternatively, if timekeeper restrictions are not needed, you can clear the Assign Tabs3/PracticeMaster Timekeepers check box.

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