Billing Q&A: Embedding Images in Statement Designer

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We use Statement Designer, but the logo that we use in our page layout is not shown for some users. Instead, they see a red X. Is there a way to ensure that this logo will be shown for everybody?

The logo is not displayed if the user viewing it does not have access to the location to which the logo is saved. There are two options to make sure everyone can see the logo. You could save the image to a central location, such as the Current Working Directory, and re-add the image to the page layout, or you can embed an image so that it is saved as part of the page layout. Embedding an image ensures that everyone has access to the image regardless of where the image file is located.

To embed an image to a page layout

  1. From the Statements menu, point to Statement Setup and select Statement Designer.
  2. In the Layout Tree pane, select the desired page layout.
  3. In the Page Layout pane, click on the logo so that it has a blue border.
  4. Right-click on the image and select Properties.
    1. In the Image Properties window, set Embedded to Yes.
    2. Close the Image Properties window.
  5. Press Ctrl+S.
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