Billing Q&A: Fee View Options

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One of our timekeepers only sees their own fees when looking at the Fee Entry List, but can see all fees via the Transaction File List. Why is their Fee Entry List limited?

When entering fees, users can configure the Fee Entry List at the bottom of the window to only display a specific timekeeper or range of timekeepers, as well as other options.

To see all Fees in the Fee Entry List

  1. From the File menu, point to Open and select Fee.
  2. Click the  (View Options) button or press Alt+O.
  3. From the Fee View Options window:
    1. Verify the Filter section is set to Client ID.
    2. In the Include section, remove any Timekeeper and/or User ID ranges.
    3. Optionally select the Include Archived Records check box.
    4. Click OK.

The Fee Entry List will now include all fees for the client in question.

Note: These instructions also apply to the Cost, Payment, and Client Funds Entry Lists.

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