Billing Q&A: Limiting Access to the Tabs3 Dashboard

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I have a few employees I don’t want to have access to A/R figures. Can we remove access to the Dashboard from these users?

Access rights for the Tabs3 Dashboard can be enabled or disabled for the users of your choice. When disabled, users will not see the Dashboard page view on their Home page.

To disable rights to see the Dashboard

  1. From the System Configuration File menu, point to Open and select Access Profile.
  2. Select the Access ID from which you want to remove Dashboard access.
  3. From the Tabs3 tab:
    1. Select Management Reports.
    2. In the Functions section, select Dashboard.
    3. In the Selected Functions section, click the Disallow button.
  4. Press Ctrl+S.

Any access profile assigned to users you do not want to have access to the Tabs3 Dashboard must include this setting. Users must log out and back in for this restriction to take effect.

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