Billing Q&A: Changing Bill Code on Fee Entries

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Our attorneys enter their own time entries. However, we noticed that one attorney has been using the wrong bill code on one of his client cases. Is there any way to change all of the transactions at once?

The Change WIP Transaction feature provides the ability to change multiple work-in-process entries at once.

To change the bill code on multiple transactions

  1. From the Maintenance menu, point to Transaction Related then select Change WIP Transactions.
  2. On the Client tab, enter the Client ID. (Note: If the Thru field is 0.00, no changes will be made to any transactions.)
  3. On the Transactions tab:
    1. Select the Fees check box.
    2. Enter the Fee Timekeeper.
    3. Optionally enter a Fee Date range.
    4. Clear the Expenses, Advances, and Payments check boxes.
  4. On the Specific Types tab:
    1. Select the Bill Code check box.
    2. Enter the Old and New bill codes.
  5. Click OK.
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