Billing Q&A: Invoice Format Statements

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I have a new client that requested their statements only show current charges and no previous balances. How can I format my statements this way?

Statement templates can be used to customize what is and is not included on a statement. In this instance, we can create a Statement Template using the Invoice Format. When using Invoice Format, only fees, costs, and client funds will show on the bill. Previous balance, payments, credits, and finance charge will still be processed, but will not print on the bill and likewise are not included in the Balance Due.

To create an Invoice Format Statement Template

  1. From the Statements menu, point to Statement Setup and select Statement Templates.
  2. Enter a new Template ID and Description.
  3. In the Statement Type section, select Invoice Format.
  4. Select any other options as desired and press Ctrl+S.

To assign the statement template to a client

  1. From the File menu, point to Open and select Client.
  2. Select the desired Client ID.
  3. From the Statement Options tab, in the Statement Format section, select a Draft Template and Final Template of the new statement template you just created.
  4. Press Ctrl+S.

Note: You have the option of including credits and finance charge on Invoice Format statements via Statement Customization (Statements | Statement Setup | Statement Customization).

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