Billing Q&A: Write Offs

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We received a final payment from a client whose matter is closed, but it didn’t cover the entire amount due. After discussing the situation with the client, we have decided that we would forgive the amount he didn’t pay. How can I reflect this properly within Tabs3?

After the payment has been final billed and updated, you can perform a write off for the remaining balance.

To write off a client’s entire balance

  1. From the Maintenance menu, point to Client Related and select Write Off Client.
  2. Enter the Client ID.
  3. Select the Write Off Entire Balance check box.
  4. Enter the Write Off Date.
  5. Click OK.

An optional Client Write Off Description window will be shown. This provides the option to create a Type 4 “Description Only” transaction as a paper trail for the write off, and can be included on a final statement for the client’s records.

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