Tabs3 Billing Q&A: “U” Status Transactions on the Transaction File List

November 2020    Tags: , , , , , ,

I ran a Detail Work-in-Process Report and noticed that several of the entries had a status of “U” on them I’m not familiar with that status; what does a “U” status mean?

Transactions that have been processed on a final statement, but not updated via Update Statements, have a “U” status. This status denotes that, although the transaction is technically work-in-process, there are some limitations on what can be done with them.

When a transaction has a “U” status, you cannot transfer, delete, or change the status of the transaction. However, you can make edits to the transaction. Keep in mind that any changes to a critical field on the transaction, such as to the rate, hours, or amount, will require you to generate a new final bill before you can update the statement.

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