Billing Q&A: Client Realization Report

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I need a report that shows how much a client has paid and what remains uncollected, broken down by primary timekeeper. Is there a report that will provide me with that information?

The Client Realization Report can provide client figures including billed hours and amounts, realization figures, collection amounts, uncollected amounts, and more.

To run a Client Realization Report

  1. From the Reports menu, point to Management, and select Client Realization Report.
  2. From the Client tab, select the Client ID.
  3. From the Options tab:
    1. Select a Type of Detail.
    2. In the Include section, select each check box.
  4. From the Format tab:
    1. In the Include section, make sure the Collection Amount and Uncollected check boxes are selected
    2. Select or clear any other check boxes as needed.
  5. From the Sort tab, in the Report Order section, select Primary Timekeeper.
  6. Click OK.
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