Billing Q&A: Year-End Reports

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We are preparing to perform our year-end procedures, but could you make any recommendations on what reports I should make sure that I run as part of those closing duties?

Although this list may vary, many firms request to have the accounts receivable and work-in-process balances as of the end of the year as well as various management reports and productivity reports. A list of recommended reports can be found in the Help by pressing F1 and then entering “Year-End Procedures” on the Index tab.

We recommend saving reports to PDF prior to closing out the year, as some reports do not provide historical information and will therefore not include all of the same information when printed later in the year. Additionally, changes made at a later time, such as undoing final statements and reversing or refunding payments, can also affect the outcome of a report.

For additional information on year-end, check out Knowledge Base Article R11693, “Tabs3 Billing Year-End Overview.”

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