PracticeMaster Q&A: Filtering the Calendar by AOP

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We have a meeting coming up to discuss all of our active cases for Business Law matters. Is there any way to print a monthly calendar that shows only the business law events and tasks?

By setting up a filter in the Calendar file so that it only displays the Business Law matters, you can then print out the Monthly Calendar using that filter.

To filter the Monthly Calendar

  1. From the Calendar menu select Monthly Calendar.
  2. Click the (Toggle Filter) icon.
  3. Click the Manage Filters button.
    1. In the Manage Quick Clicks window, press Ctrl+N.
    2. Enter a Filter Name (e.g. “Business Law”).
    3. Click the New Row button.
      1. Select Client ID and then click the Lookup button.
      2. Select AOP and click the Select button.
      3. The Test Condition will remain Equal To.
      4. In the Test Value field, click the drop-down arrow to select BUSLAW and click OK.
      5. Click the Save button.
    4. Close the Manage Quick Clicks window.
  4. Select a Filter of Expression and then select the filter you created.

You can now print the filtered Monthly Calendar by pressing Ctrl+P in the Monthly Calendar window.

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