Billing Q&A: Reorder Fees

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We performed several tasks for a client on a specific day and when we generate a statement, the fees look like we did finalization before the prep work. Is it possible to change the way fees are ordered on statements?

You can change the order of fees on the statement. However, fees can only be moved up or down within the same date.

The order in which transactions are printed on a statement is based on three levels:

  1. The Subtotal option (i.e., No Subtotal, Timekeeper, Transaction Code, Category, or Date) selected on the Statement Template used.
  2. The Date of the transaction.
  3. The transaction’s Reference number.

To reorder fees

  1. From the Statements menu, point to Statement Preparation and select Reorder Fees.
  2. Select the Client ID.
  3. Select the desired Group fees by option.
  4. Select the desired fee transaction.
  5. Click the Move Up or Move Down button to move the selected fee up or down. The reference numbers will adjust accordingly.

Once you are done moving transactions, simply close the Reorder Fees window. Changes are saved each time a fee is moved.

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