Trust Accounting Q&A: Reprint Check Information

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I need to see information for a check that I printed from TAS several weeks ago. Is there a report I can run to see past check information?

You can run a Check Register by Check Number report to print the check information for specific checks. The report will include the check number, date of the check, Trust ID, Trust name, Description, Payee, amount of the check, and if the check has reconciled.

To run the Check Register by Check Number

  1. From the Checks menu, point to Check Register and select By Check Number.
  2. On the Transactions tab, enter the desired check number in both the Check Number and Thru fields.
  3. In the Type section:
    1. Select the Checks check box.
    2. Clear the Deposits and EFTs check boxes.
  4. On the Options tab, in the Transactions section, select Both.
  5. Click OK.
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