Trust Accounting Q&A: Print Check Test Pattern

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Our firm just ordered new checks. Before I print a batch of checks, is there a way to make sure that printing will line up properly on our new checks?

A check test pattern can be printed that is comprised of “Xs” where the check information would be printed. A check test pattern can be printed on a check or on blank paper, and allows you to see where everything will print on a real check.

To print a check test pattern

  1. From the File menu, select Print Check Test Pattern.
  2. Select an Output To of Printer and click OK.
  3. Select the Bank and click OK.

If you find that the text does not line up, adjustments can be made to margins and the printer offset adjustment via Print Setup (File | Print Setup | Page Setup button).

Note: If Check Numbers Preprinted on Check is selected in Print Setup (File | Print Setup | Check Setup button), the check number used for the test pattern will automatically be voided. The voided check number will be printed on the test pattern.

Note: This process is also available in Accounts Payable Software (APS).

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