Trust Accounting Q&A: Secure Clients on Reconciliations

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I am performing our monthly reconciliation in Trust Accounting Software and I noticed that the description for a deposit just says “Secure Client.” Why is this?

When “Secure Client” is shown on the Reconciliation, the transaction’s Trust Account is set as a Secure Client in Tabs3 and you do not have permission to view this client. Clients marked as Secure in Tabs3 will also be secure in PracticeMaster and Trust Accounting Software.

In addition, if the user who finalizes the reconciliation does not have rights to that Secure Client, then “Secure Client” will also be shown in the Name/Description column for the Reconciliation Report, even if the person viewing the saved report has access to that client.

If you need to see this information, someone with Manager access rights must add you to the secure clients’ list of allowed users. Users with Manager access rights can specify which users have access to secure clients. Information on designating secure clients and granting access to users can be found by pressing F1 while in the software and entering “Secure Clients” on the Index tab.

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