Trust Accounting Q&A: Combined 1099 forms for TAS and APS

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I have some payees from Trust Accounting who are also vendors in Accounts Payable that received money from both systems. Do I need to print out two 1099 forms for them or is there a way that I can combine them?

As long as the Federal ID matches for the trust account and the firm, it is possible to merge the information for the 1099 files so that you only have to print out one 1099 form that will include the information from Trust Accounting (TAS) and Accounts Payable (APS).

Using the “Create APS 1099 Merge File” program in TAS (Reports|1099 Information | Create APS 1099 Merge File) will compile this information into a merge file. Once the merge file is created, APS will be able to combine the amounts from the merge file with the APS information so a single 1099 form can be generated for each common entity using the 1099 Forms program in APS (Reports | 1099 Information | 1099 Forms).

Alternatively, you can use the Tabs3 1099 E-file program to submit and electronically file, or print and mail, 1099 forms for both TAS and APS. For more information on Tabs3 E-file, see Knowledge Base Article R11788, “All About Tabs3 E-file.”

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