Trust Accounting Q&A: Importing Trust Transaction

March 2021    Tags: ,

I want to import transactions from a different program into Trust. Is this possible?

You can use Import Transactions to import data that is in a specified ASCII text file named T4IMPORT.DAT. This allows you to import data generated in other software packages, provided the data is in the specified format. Once the T4IMPORT.DAT file has been created and saved to the Current Working Directory, it can be imported into Trust.

To import trust transactions, open Import Transactions (Maintenance | Import Transactions) and click OK. The Import Transactions window will display the number of records that are imported, and invalid transactions will be sent to an error list. For more information on Import Transactions, including the required format of the T4IMPORT.DAT file, see “import transactions file format” in the Trust Help.

Note: It is a good idea to back up the T4IMPORT.DAT file before running this process, as this file will be deleted after the import has completed.

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