Feature Article: Filtering Tabs3 Reports and Statements

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Did you know that there are several ways of filtering your reports and statements so that you only see the data you want to see? Most reports have a Client tab and several reports have a Transactions tab. Likewise, when generating statements, both the Client tab and the Transactions tab are available. These tabs provide options for which clients and/or transactions are to be included on the report.

Client tab

The Client tab provides the ability to select a client range based on several different factors including the Client ID, Name Search, Primary/Secondary/Originating Timekeeper, Billing Category, Billing Frequency, Location, Status, and Open/Close Date. When filtering by Status, the following options are available:ClientTab

  • Active, Inactive, or Both
  • Progress, Non-Progress, or Both
  • Billable, Non-Billable, or Both
  • Task Based, Non-Task Based, or Both
  • Release to Bill, Non-Release to Bill, or Both
  • Bill on Demand, Non-Bill on Demand, or Both
  • Statement Delivery Options
    • Mail Statement: Yes, No, or Both
    • E-Mail Statement: Yes, No, or Both

 Transactions tab

The Transactions tab provides the ability to select a transaction range based on several different factors including whether to include Fees, Expenses, Advances, TransTaband Payments. Additionally, ranges for Fee/Cost Timekeeper (working timekeeper), Fee/Cost/Payment Date, Fee/Cost/Payment Tcode, Category, and Cost Type are available.

These are the most common options for filtering reports. However, some reports may have additional options to further filter data that are specific to that report. For example, the Transaction File List provides the option to include Work-In-Process and/or Archived transactions, Billable and/or Non-Billable transactions, and more.

So if you’re running reports or statements and you’re getting more clients and/or transactions than you want included, try using the filter options to help fine-tune your report!

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