Feature Article: Version 2022 is Here!

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Version 2022 has some great new features to check out!

Unified Contacts

  • Consolidated contact information throughout the Tabs3 Software into a single Contact file, including clients, billing contacts, related parties, vendors, payees, and logon users. This makes it easy to update address information in one place.
  • The Contacts list in Tabs3 Billing and PracticeMaster as well as in the Contact lookup window in Tabs3 Billing, Trust Accounting, Accounts Payable, and System Configuration include check boxes at the top making it easy to quickly filter the list to just clients, AP vendors, Trust payees, etc.
  • The Contact Information window is now available across Tabs3 Billing, PracticeMaster, Trust Accounting, Accounts Payable, and System Configuration. When working with an individual, a Details button next to the Full Name field allows you to access fields for First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, and Initials.
  • The Rename Contact utility is now available across Tabs3 Billing, PracticeMaster, Trust Accounting, and Accounts Payable. This utility has been enhanced to update the First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, and Initials fields. Because information is now stored in the Contact file, this utility replaces the Rename Payee utility in Trust.

Enhanced Lists

  • Totals can now be displayed on the Fees, Costs, Payments, Client Funds, Write Offs, and Statement Manager lists in Tabs3 Billing and the Fees and Costs lists in PracticeMaster.
  • Added a setting to position data entry lists either below or to the right of the data entry fields. Entry lists are available in the Fee, Cost, Payment, and Client Funds entry windows in Tabs3 Billing, the Trust Transaction entry window in Trust, and the Invoice/Manual Check entry window in AP.

New Filters and QuickViews

  • New default filters and QuickViews have been added to the Clients, Fees, Costs, Payments, Client Funds, and Statement Manager lists. These allow timekeepers to easily see records for their own matters. These new QuickViews use a new function to determine the timekeeper assigned to the currently logged in user.
  • Added a “My Clients Unpaid” QuickView to the Tabs3 Billing Statement Manager.
  • Added the ability to easily filter the PracticeMaster Journal file list to include just Note, Email, Phone, Timer, Research, or Billing Notes by simply selecting the corresponding check box at the top of the list. Previously these check boxes were only available on the Journal tab of the Client file.

1099-NEC Forms

  • Updated printing of Form 1099-NEC to utilize the 3-forms-per-page format required by the IRS for Tax Year 2021.

Updated Calendar Code File

  • Added Phase/Task and Activity code fields to the Calendar Code file so you can specify which default codes need to be used when converting calendar records to fees for task based billing clients.

Exchange Online Integration

  • Updated the PracticeMaster Exchange Connector with a new synchronization option for Exchange Online / Microsoft 365.

Updated Installer

  • Updated to a Microsoft Installer. This change requires the first installation to be performed at the server, but will reduce the need to directly access the file server when installing future updates.

For in-depth information on all of the new Version 2022 features, including screenshots, refer to Knowledge Base Article R11880, “Version 2022 Introduction to New Features.” A list with links to all Version 2022 information can be found in R11885, “Version 2022 Information and Resources.”

To download Version 2022, visit Tabs3.com/update or contact your local consultant.

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