KB Corner: Frequently Asked Questions for All Applications

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Do you have a question about the software? Any questions that you want to ask have likely been asked by others as well. Because of this, we have created several Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) articles, and made it easy to access them all in one place.

Knowledge Base Article R11567, “Frequently Asked Questions for All Products,” provides a list of articles answering FAQs. Articles are grouped by general, software features, and version specific questions.

  • General FAQs include year-end and software specific articles, such as Platinum, Tabs3 Billing, PracticeMaster, and more.
  • FAQs for software features include articles on printing, credit card processing, Tabs3 Connect, and more.
  • Version specific FAQs include articles geared toward questions about new features in each version.

Our Knowledge Base can be accessed at support.Tabs3.com. You can also access our Knowledge Base in the Quick Launch by searching for and selecting “Knowledge Base.”

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