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Quick Tip: Three Favorite Keystrokes

February 2015    Tags:
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There are many keyboard shortcuts that help save time while working. These favorite shortcuts quickly get you to commonly used places.   Read More...

If you need to report on fees, costs, or payments, the Transaction File List or Task Code Billing Report is your answer. Both reports have great flexibility and options. The Transaction File List and Task Code Billing Report have the same options with only a few exceptions.   Read More...

Quick Tip: Use the Guides

January 2015    Tags:
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If you want to learn more in-depth information about individual features in the software, guides are the way to go. A guide is a closer look at how different features work, providing field-by-field information and screenshots where appropriate. Guides are a great tool to use when you need to know more. Organized by chapters, you can easily jump to the section you most want to learn about, or you can read it straight through. There are more than 15 guides available, each focusing on a specific topic within the software such as clients and contacts, statements, credit cards, Matter Manager, and more.   Read More...