Platinum: Try Platinum Before You Buy!

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Want to know if Platinum is right for your firm? Try out Tabs3 Platinum risk free for 30 days! This offer allows you to use all of the Platinum features with your own data for 30 days before determining whether Platinum will be a permanent upgrade.

Key features in the Platinum software include:

  • Tabs3 Connect – Tabs3 Connect provides secure access to Tabs3 Billing and PracticeMaster anywhere you can connect to the Internet using smartphones, tablets, and computers away from the office. Enter fees and costs, browse client and contact information, see calendar events, receive eNotes and alarm notifications, and more!
  • Tabs3 Billing and PracticeMaster Accelerators – Accelerators run on the server, helping to minimize both the amount of data transferred across the network and the amount of data processed on the workstation. This means that the performance of generating reports and statements is dramatically improved.
  • Transaction Processing and Auto-Recovery – Transaction Processing ensures that database transactions complete successfully, guaranteeing that the database remains in a consistent, reliable state. If an interruption during a process such as update statements occurs, Auto-Recovery “rolls back” the database to its previous state before the database transaction began, saving you from an entire system restore.
  • Accelerated Filtering and Column Sorting – PracticeMaster filters and column sorting are processed at the server, similar to the PracticeMaster accelerator, which improves the speed at which lists are displayed.
  • eNote – PracticeMaster eNote provides an intra-office way to quickly communicate by blending the best features of instant messaging and email. Send a quick message, or attach a PracticeMaster file such as a calendar or journal record for review. If you don’t want to be bothered, you can even set your status to “Do Not Disturb.”
  • HotBackup – With HotBackup, you can back up your data while others are actively using the software and maintain up to 198 backups in the location of your choosing. You can schedule data to be backed up automatically for the days and times of your choosing and designate one or more email addresses to be notified of successful and/or failed HotBackups.
  • Historic Accounts Receivable Reports – The Detail and Summary Accounts Receivable Reports include a Print Historic A/R option in Platinum systems that will print accounts receivable balances as of a specific date. This option calculates the A/R based on records present in Tabs3, effectively showing what the A/R would have been on the given date, assuming no records have been deleted or modified. (Note: Keep in mind that although the calculated A/R will be correct based on records currently in the software, it is possible that these may not match an A/R Report run on the original date if any transactions were deleted, statements unbilled or backdated, payments reversed, write offs reversed, or any integrity check errors are present.)
  • Accounts Receivable by Timekeeper Report – The Accounts Receivable by Timekeeper Report prints a list of clients with fees due for each working timekeeper, making it easy for individual timekeepers to see which clients owe money for work they performed. This report is different from other receivable reports because it allows you to filter clients by including only those clients that the timekeeper worked on, a particularly nice feature for larger firms.
  • Enhanced Detail Accounts Receivable Report – The Detail Accounts Receivable Report offers the option to include a breakdown of fees by timekeeper, and costs by cost type. When this option is enabled, each timekeeper with outstanding fees is displayed on a separate row with an aging breakdown, and outstanding costs are grouped by cost type with an aging breakdown.

For more information on the 30-day trial offer, visit Knowledge Base Article R11261, “Platinum Net 30 Trial Plan,” and then contact your local consultant or contact our Sales Department at 402-419-2200 to take advantage of this great offer!

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