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Do you often find yourself clicking No when prompted to make a backup in Tabs3 Software? If so, is it because you don’t have time to wait for a backup to complete, or because other people are currently working and they don’t have the time to log out and wait?

The HotBackup feature in Tabs3 Platinum Software alleviates the issue of making everyone log out because your data is backed up while others continue working in the software. Additionally, thanks to Platinum’s Transaction Processing feature and server processing capabilities, you are prompted to back up less often, and backups are completed in significantly less time.

HotBackup provides the ability to schedule backups throughout the day. Backups can be set up to run at a specific time on weekdays, every day, or on specific days. This means there will always be a recent restore point if the need arises, and less data (if any) to reenter. You can configure automatic notifications so that once a scheduled HotBackup has been run, an email will be sent to a designated recipient upon completion or failure of the HotBackup. This gives you added security of always knowing that the existing HotBackups are solid. You can select multiple email addresses for messages to be sent to, select whether a message is sent if the HotBackup succeeds or fails, and even customize the message as desired.

The standard built-in Back Up Data Files program is limited to storing a maximum of three backups with a maximum of 2GB in size for each backup. However, with HotBackup, you can store up to 198 backups, and the only size limitation is the amount of free space on your hard drive. You can select how many backups you want to keep at any given time, and you can even choose where you want your HotBackups stored!

It is important to note that the built-in backup in the Tabs3 Software only back up data files. They do not back up program files, nor do they back up every file in the Tabs3 Current Working Directory. You will need to use a third-party backup to back up the Current Working Directory for the purpose of recovering from a catastrophic failure, such as fire, flood, theft, server hard drive failure, etc.

Having viable data backups is important in any business. Stop daring fate by clicking No when prompted for a backup.

For more information on backing up the data, check out Knowledge Base Articles R11193, HotBackup Overview,” and R11213, “Backup Strategy.” For more information about Platinum features, see Knowledge Base Article R11379, “Platinum Overview.” If you have any questions regarding Platinum features, contact your Tabs3 Software consultant, or contact Technical Support at (402) 419-2210.

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