PracticeMaster Q&A: Merge Contacts

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We needed to update information for a few of our contacts. However, the person making the changes created new contacts instead of updating the existing ones. Is there an easy way for me to clean up the duplicate contacts?

You can use the Merge Contacts function to combine the contacts, selecting which information to keep from each record.

To merge two contacts

  1. In the Quick Launch, search for and select “Merge Contacts.”
  2. In the Contact 1 and Contact 2 fields, select the contacts you want to merge.
  3. In the Select Fields section, select the Contact 1 Value or Contact 2 Value to use for each field.
  4. Click Merge.
  5. Repeat for each set of duplicate contact records.

For more information on the Merge Contact utility refer to the Knowledge Base Article R11396, “Merge Contacts Program Simplifies Contact Cleanup.”

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