Quick Tip: Replicating Records

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Did you know that you can easily copy records in PracticeMaster using the Replicate feature? Replicating a record adds a new record that uses most, if not all, of the information from an existing record as a basis for the new record.

When replicating a record, all fields will be copied to the new record with the following exceptions:

  • Fee File – The Rate, Bill Code, Hours to Bill, and Amount fields will not be copied to the new record.
  • Cost File – The Rate and Amount fields are not copied to the new record.
  • Contact File – All fields are copied. The new record only needs to be given a new Contact ID.
  • Document Management – The Created By field will default to the current user ID instead of the user ID from the old record.
  • Area of Practice Files – The new record only needs to be given a new key value.
  • Journal File – The new record only needs to be assigned a record type.
  • Calendar File – All fields are copied to the new record. However, whenever a group or more than one user is specified for the User/Group field, only the user whose record is being replicated will be included in the new record.

Note: If you are integrating with Tabs3 Billing, you will not be able to use the Replicate feature in the Billing System Lookup Files (i.e., Timekeeper, Category, Tcode, Task Code, and Location files).

To Replicate a record

  1. From an Editor window, select the record you want to replicate.
  2. From the File menu, select Replicate.
    Press Ctrl+R.
  3. The replicated record will be displayed, allowing you to make any changes or additions if desired.

For more information on the Replicate feature, as well as limitations, open the PracticeMaster Help (F1 or Help | Help Topics) and enter “Replicate” on the Index tab.

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