Quick Tip: Internet Resources

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Did you know that you can easily access several resources, besides Help files, from the Help menu in the software?

From the Help | Internet Resources menu, you can select the following:InternetResources

  • Web Site – Access the Tabs3 website and find basic information about our products and the various support options, learn more about our company, find a consultant, and get pricing.
  • Knowledge Base – Access over 700 articles that provide feature overviews, best practices, “how to” articles, frequently asked questions, troubleshooting information, and more.
  • User Newsletter – Access our User Newsletter, which you are reading right now!
  • Slide Show Demos – Enter your contact information to attend a live demo of the software, or receive a recording of a past demo.
  • Register Software – When you first purchase a license for the software, make sure to register the software. Registering your software ensures that we can contact you when there are software updates and new version available.
  • Submit Log Files – Enter an Incident ID provided by Technical Support in order to send us log file information to help better troubleshoot certain situations.
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