Spotlight: Transfer A/R and Transactions

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Occasionally, transactions may accidentally be entered for the wrong client. If there are only a couple, it’s easy to just delete them and reenter them for the correct client. However, when there are many transactions, what can you do? Use the Transfer A/R and Transactions utility in Tabs3!

The Transfer Transactions program can be used to transfer unbilled fees, costs, and/or payments between clients. When selecting to transfer fees, costs, and/or payments, you can select a range of transactions based on tcode, timekeeper, category, date, and/or reference number. This can help make sure that you are only transferring the transactions that you want to transfer.

Additionally, if a time comes when you want to transfer one client’s full accounts receivable balance, ledger, archived transactions, and client funds to another client, the Transfer A/R and Transactions utility can also be used. This function will transfer ALL of the client’s ledger records and billing history to another client. It is not possible to only transfer a client’s current A/R without also transferring everything else.

Note: When using the Transfer A/R and Transactions utility, keep in mind that once the transfer has been performed, the only way to undo it is by restoring from a backup.

To transfer transactions between clientstransfer_transactions

  1. From the Maintenance menu, select Transfer A/R and Transactions.
  2. Select the clients you want to transfer From and To.
  3. Select the desired Transaction Type(s).
  4. Optionally select a Transfer Range.
  5. Click OK.

Keep this utility in mind the next time transactions need to be transferred from one client to another client. It can save you significant time.

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