Spotlight: Positive Pay

January 2020    Tags: , , ,

Trust Accounting Software (TAS) and Accounts Payable Software (APS) now support Positive Pay!

Positive Pay Export utility (Checks | Positive Pay Export) allows you to export a list of approved checks that can then be uploaded to your bank or financial institution’s fraud prevention program (commonly known as Positive Pay). The export file is customized separately for each TAS or APS bank account, allowing you to provide the specific information your bank requires.

When you configure a new bank account for Positive Pay, the software walks you through the process of configuring your export file and exporting your first batch of checks. Once you have exported your initial batch of checks, the software tracks which checks have been printed, so you don’t need to specify a date range for future exports.

For more information on this great new feature, check out R11833, “Exporting Checks Using Positive Pay!”

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