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What is the Client Inactivity Report, and why should you use it? The Client Inactivity Report can be used to identify clients and matters with no activity in a specified time frame, which can help keep clients from slipping through the cracks. This report allows you to do the following:

  • Report on which clients have not had any activity in the last year so you can mark applicable matters as closed.
  • Determine which clients you have not received a payment from this month so that you can send a reminder statement or write off amounts.
  • Provide each Primary Timekeeper with a report of all active matters with no fees in a certain time frame, such as the last two weeks.
  • Plus much more!

A Client Inactivity Report can be run in both Tabs3 Billing and PracticeMaster; however, each program provides unique options to run the report.

  • In Tabs3 Billing, you can search for activity in fees, costs, statements, payments, payment adjustments, write offs, and client funds.
  • In PracticeMaster, you can search for activity in the Calendar, Journal, Document Management, Fee, Cost, Additional Common Client Related, and Area of Practice Files.

To run a Client Inactivity Report

  1. In Tabs3 Billing, from the Reports menu, point to Client and select Client Inactivity Report.
    In PracticeMaster, from the Reports menu, select Client Inactivity Report.
  2. On the Client tab, select the desired client range.
  3. On the Options tab:
    1. In the No activity in the last field, enter the desired time frame.
    2. Under Items to Search/Files to Search, select the desired check boxes.
  4. On the Sort tab, select the desired Primary and/or Secondary Order.
  5. Click OK.

Note: By default, the Client Inactivity Report is set to only include clients that are currently active and do not have a Date Closed specified. However, this setting can be changed. From the Client tab, click the Select Status button and select the desired option(s).

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