Spotlight: Real Estate Firm Future-Proofs Billing & Payment with Tabs3Pay

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Hanson Baker Ludlow Drumheller P.S. had been processing credit card payments for fifteen yearsbut without a way to process cards online, they had to ask clients to mail or call in their payments. This practice was time-consuming and created a drag on both productivity and collections.

With a 72-year record of providing smart, creative, and effective legal guidance to their Washington community, the time was right for the firm’s billing and payment processing solution to evolve once more.

Hanson Baker wanted to create an effortless billing experience for clients by emailing invoices to clients and accepting online credit card payments. Finding a processor with transparent rates that integrated easily with their current software and workflows proved challenging, so the firm turned to Tabs3 Software.

As long-time Tabs3 Software users, they enjoyed Tabs3’s excellent software support and the many features available to them through PracticeMaster, such as the matter manager and dashboard. With affordable fees, transparent pricing, and the ability to attach payment links directly to their emailed invoices, Tabs3Pay was a natural choice.

To help with implementation, Hanson Baker worked with software consultant Christina Cline of C.R. Cline and Company. As a certified Tabs3 consultant, Cline was able to guide Hanson Baker through the implementation process and address potential hang-ups. With her oversight, adopting Tabs3Pay went off without a hitch.

Now, Hanson Baker’s clients enjoy a modernized, reliable payment process – and the firm saves time with smoother invoicing workflows. Not only has Hanson Baker seen improved cash flow due to shorter payment processing times with Tabs3Pay, but the need for collections has also declined.

Hanson Baker appreciates Tabs3Pay’s straightforward pricing and low processing fees, as well as usability features like the ability to print receipts after the fact. They’ve also benefited from Tabs3Pay’s integration with Tabs3 Software, reducing errors from manual input and wasted time from double data entry.

Cline reports that Tabs3 Software’s long record of excellent service is another reason Tabs3Pay was the right choice for Hanson Baker. “Tabs3 has been around for a long time,” Cline says, “Their support is in Lincoln, NE. You’re going to have your problem resolved. When you purchase Tabs3 and get it up and running, you’re not left to flounder.”

If you’re a current Tabs3 Software user and want to improve your firm’s billing and payment workflows, Tabs3Pay could be the solution. Tabs3Pay is designed to offer streamlined, trust accounting-compliant payment processing for law firms while integrating seamlessly with other Tabs3 Software applications. For more information, call (402) 419-2200, email, or visit

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