Spotlight: Reprint Updated Statements

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Did you know that you can reprint client statements whenever needed? It’s easy to reprint statements when you’re required to provide them by the client or the court. You can reprint a single statement for a single client as well as multiple statements at one time. When printing multiple statements, you can print a range of clients, statement dates, and more.

To reprint a single updated statement

  1. In the Quick Launch, search for and select “Matter Manager.”
  2. Select the desired Client ID.
  3. In the List Content section, select the Statements heading.
  4. Click the statement you want to reprint to open a preview.
  5. Click the Print button.

Note: You can also reprint statements via the Quick Launch by searching for and selecting “Reprint Single Updated Statement.”

To reprint multiple updated statements

  1. In the Quick Launch, search for and select “Reprint Multiple Updated Statements.”
  2. Select the desired Statement Criteria (e.g., Statement Date, Client ID, etc.).
  3. Select the desired Reprint Options.
  4. Click OK.

Tip: Alternatively, you can run a Transaction File List (In the Quick Launch, search for and select “Transaction File List”) to show all transactions or a range of transactions for a client. Because the report uses a list format, printing a Transaction File List can significantly save paper depending on how many statements the client has had.

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