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Taskbill is used to export Tabs3 Billing information for electronic submission. Many companies require firms to submit billed fees and costs in a specific format for online electronic billing. Taskbill makes this simple by exporting your existing Tabs3 Billing data into over 100 different predetermined file formats and subformats including LEDES 1998B, Legalgard Parsed Format, LitigationAdvisor, and TyMetrix.

Taskbill also provides flexibility! Information required by some electronic formats is not found in normal Tabs3 Billing fields. You can, however, set up Taskbill to use general text fields such as Custom Fields, Client Notes, and Miscellaneous Lines that are already in Tabs3 Billing to store this information. Exporting the data is as easy as selecting the format you have set up, selecting a client or range of clients, and selecting the statement date. The exported file can then be sent electronically!

To see if Taskbill will work for you, or to purchase a license for your firm, contact your local consultant, or call our Sales Department at (402) 419-2200. Information about Taskbill is also provided in Knowledge Base Article R10435, “Tabs3 Taskbill Product Information.”

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