Working with WorkFlows: Assigning a Contact Category when Adding Clients

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Whenever we add new clients, we always add the contact record first, during their consult. Is there a way to assign the “Client” Contact Category to a contact record every time a client is added?

You can set up a WorkFlow so that every time a client record is added, the contact record is updated with “Client” as a Contact Category in addition to any other contact categories already assigned. If the contact already has a contact category of Client assigned, it will not be added again.

To create a WorkFlow to add “Client” as a Contact Category when a client is added

  1. From the Maintenance menu, select WorkFlows.
  2. Select Client, and then click the New button.
  3. Enter a Name for the WorkFlow (e.g., “Add Client Contact Category”).
  4. In the Source section, select All Records.
  5. In the Events section, select Record Added.
  6. In the Actions section:
    1. Click the New button.
    2. Select Change Record and click Next.
    3. Select Linked Record.
      1. From the Link field, select Name.
    4. Click the Define Template button.
      1. Click the set button next to the Category field.
      2. In the Template Expression Editor window, click the Field button.
      3. In the Available Records field, select Target Record.
      4. Select a Field ID of RP_Cat and click Insert. “@Target:RP_Cat” will be shown in the Expression field.
      5. Click Operator, select Addition, and then click Insert.
      6. Click Value and enter “; Client” and click OK.
      7. Click OK on the Template Expression Editor window.
      8. Press Ctrl+S.
    5. Click Finish.
  7. Click Save.

For more information on WorkFlows, refer to our new PracticeMaster WorkFlows Guide at or Knowledge Base Article R11307, “All About WorkFlows.”

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