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Over the years, the User Newsletter has had different looks and delivery methods. In 1992, the first newsletter was published and mailed to our users. In 2002, we stopped mailing the newsletter and provided it as a PDF. Now, in 2016, we are excited to announce our newsletter is now a website!

Why the change?

Nothing to download. You don’t need to download a PDF in order to read the content.

Easy to browse articles. You can quickly skim the current month’s content and click on the articles you want to read.

Easy to find information. The new site gives you one-click access to common categories and topics (a.k.a. tags) in addition to a built-in Search box.

Dynamic formatting. We can highlight the most popular articles among all of our readers.

Feedback. You can comment on articles, and see what readers like yourself have to say as well.

Familiar content

All of the featured sections of the newsletter are still included:

Feature Feature Article

T3 Connect Tabs3 Connect

Spotlight Product Spotlight

Platinum Platinum

KB Corner Link KB Corner

Quick TTip Quick Tip


New features!

The slideshow at the top rotates through important announcements and upcoming events. Click the slideshow to see more information.

In the sidebar on the right, the following features are available:

Search – Use the Search box to find content not specific to a category, or not available in the Tag Cloud.

Popular Posts – Quickly see which articles have the most views.

Recent Posts – Easily access the most recent posts from anywhere on the site.

Categories – View the content you want to see by clicking a category to view related articles. For example, you can click the Quick Tips category to see all of the Quick Tip articles.

Tag Cloud – Click a tag in the Tag Cloud to view all articles with that tag regardless of category. Tags with larger fonts indicate there are more articles with that tag. As we work to populate the site with archived articles, tags will become more relevant.

Archive – Want to view a prior month’s content? Select the desired month. We are currently working on adding prior newsletter articles; links to past newsletter PDFs are available in the interim.

Accessing the Newsletter

Each user will still receive a reminder on the 15th of each month. Clicking the link will take you directly to the newsletter site. Alternatively, selecting Help | Internet Resources | User Newsletter from within the software will also take you directly to the site. Either of these ways will automatically log you in to the newsletter site. However, you can also access the newsletter via your web browser. Simply browse to Tabs3.com, select Newsletters from the Support menu, and then click Access The User Newsletter.

We hope you enjoy the new format. Keep watching for more content in the coming months!

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