Announcement: 1-Year Anniversary of the Online Newsletter

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It has officially been one year since we launched the online newsletter! Over the last year we have made many improvements based on your feedback and published numerous articles that we hope have been helpful in using Tabs3 Software.

Here are some of the most notable improvements we have made:

  • Printing and Sharing Individual Articles
    • Since we introduced this feature in August of 2016, we have had over 3,600 individual articles printed and 320 individual articles emailed.
  • View other Articles That May Interest You
    • Since we introduced this feature in August of 2016, we have tweaked the algorithm so you only see articles most relevant to the article you’re currently viewing.
  • Printing the Full Newsletter
    • Since we introduced this feature in September of 2016, we have had almost 5,250 users print the newsletter.
  • Newsletter Email Notifications
    • Since we introduced this feature in October of 2016, we have had over 380 users subscribe. Want to be the 381st? Subscribe here!
  • Ratings for Quick Feedback
    • This is a new feature introduced in May of 2017. We’re excited to receive your feedback on each of our articles.

We have also published over 400 articles since we debuted the online newsletter, with over 140,000 page views.

Here are the top 10 articles published in the last year:

  1. Feature Article: Flat Fee Billing
  2. Quick Tip: Printing the Full Newsletter Now Available
  3. Announcement: 1099-MISC Deadline Change
  4. Feature Article: E-Mail Statements
  5. KB Corner: Webinars Provided By Tabs3 Software
  6. Quick Tip: Bypassing the User ID Prompt
  7. Feature Article: Version 18
  8. KB Corner: All About the Local Install (SETUP.EXE) and Auto Update
  9. KB Corner: Calendar Plan Templates vs. Recurring Dates
  10. Feature Article: Software Horror Stories

If you have any ideas for how we can improve the newsletter, or have an idea for a future article, leave a comment below or send us an email to

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