Spotlight: Automatic Trust Payments

May 2017    Tags: , , ,

Do you want a way to streamline trust payments to Tabs3 Billing? Trust Accounting Software (TAS) provides the ability to automatically draw funds from a trust account when final statements are generated in Tabs3.

You will no longer need to enter payments to Firm from TAS; simply enter your transactions in Tabs3, and then bill like normal. As final statements are generated in Tabs3, the software will automatically create trust transactions and Tabs3 payment records based on the client’s due amounts. This feature can be enabled or disabled on a global level, at the bank account level, and at the trust account level. You can specify whether to pay work-in-process, accounts receivable, or both; whether to pay fees, expenses, or advances from these amounts; and whether to create check or EFT transactions in TAS for these amounts.

Note: We recommend consulting your local Bar Association before enabling Automatic Trust Transactions to ensure that you are complying with local trust regulations.

To implement Automatic Trust Payments, you will need to enable TAS Integration in Tabs3 and then configure TAS Customization, the desired TAS Bank account(s), and the desired Trust Account(s). For complete step-by-step instructions on setting up Automatic Trust Payments, refer to the Integration Guide or the Automatic Trust Payments Overview topic in the TAS Help.

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