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There are several ways to customize how you store data in PracticeMaster. When you need a way to add multiple records of the same type for your client, Common Client Related Files are a great way to go!

You can use Common Client Related Files to store information for which you can have multiple records for each client. Unlike Area of Practice Files, Common Client Related records can be added for any matter in the Client file. Existing Common Client Related files include the Journal, Document Management, Fee, and Cost files. A couple examples of how you might use Common Client Related Files are as follows:

  • Expert Witness files may be used in multiple Areas of Practice. For a litigation firm this may be a good file to configure as Common Client Related instead of setting up a separate file for each applicable Area of Practice.
  • Some firms have physical files or other physical items. One way to track these files would be to create a Common Client Related File that includes the files’ current location, destroy date, and who is responsible for different items.

To add a Common Client Related File

  1. From the Maintenance menu, select File Maintenance.
  2. Right-click Common Client Related Files and select Add Common Client Related File.
  3. Enter the desired File Name and Description and click Next.
  4. Add the desired fields that you want to be available in the file using the new_index (New) icon and click Next.
  5. Optionally add one or more indexes using the new_index (New) icon and click Finish.

Accessing Common Client Related Files

Common Client Related Files can be accessed a few ways:

  • If the Client file is set up to view Common Client Related Files, an additional tab for your new file will be displayed. If the new tab is not displayed, you must select the Common Client Related Pages check box via Edit | Configure Client Pages.
  • Common Client Related Files can be accessed via the Record Type Selector in Matter Manager (File | Matter Manager).
  • Common Client Related Files can also be accessed via File | Open | All Other Files.

If you need to be able to add multiple custom records for your client, you can add and access a Custom Client Related File in no time!

Take a look at the Customizing PracticeMaster Guide for other ways to customize data storage in PracticeMaster including adding fields to existing files and adding Lookup Files and Areas of Practice. The Customizing PracticeMaster Guide can help you take advantage of PracticeMaster’s tremendous flexibility, help you configure PracticeMaster to best meet your firm’s needs, and show you how you can customize the different areas of PracticeMaster to work for you.

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