Feature: Accept Credit Card Payments Using LawPay

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Beginning with Version 2020, Tabs3 Billing and Trust Accounting Software (TAS) supports integration with LawPay for electronic processing of payments, client funds deposits, and trust deposits. LawPay supports both credit and debit cards in Tabs3 Billing and TAS, as well as electronic fund transfers (eChecks) from checking or savings accounts in Tabs3 Billing.

Tabs3 Billing allows you to manage the client’s payment methods from either the LawPay tab of the Client file or from the Payment/Client Funds Entry windows. TAS allows you to manage your LawPay payment methods from the Trust Transaction Entry window. You can add or remove payment methods as well as update the email address for each payment method. When an email address is present, the client will automatically be emailed a receipt each time that payment method is used.

Once you have enabled LawPay in Tabs3 Billing, you can include a LawPay payment link in the statements you email to your clients. This allows clients to pay their statement with a credit card or eCheck without anyone at the firm handling sensitive payment information. Once a client has paid their bill via LawPay, you can import the payment into Tabs3 via the Import Online Payments program (Maintenance | Integration | Import Online Payments). See Knowledge Base Article R11767, “Using the Tabs3 Payment Link,” for more information regarding setting up payment links and importing payments. For more information on LawPay integration, see Knowledge Base Articles R11828, “LawPay Integration Frequently Asked Questions,” and R11826, “Configuring LawPay Integration with Tabs3 Software.”

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