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Did you know that you can have certain software features automatically run as soon as a Tabs3 Software application is opened? You can use startup options to help automate tasks by entering command line options in the Target field of the desktop shortcut icon.

For example, in Tabs3 Billing you can have the Fee Entry window automatically open, and in PracticeMaster you can have the Matter Manager window automatically open. Other popular startup options include opening the Calendar and the Timer window. Some startup options, such as the Data File Integrity Check, can be automatically started in every application. You can even use a startup option to automatically enter your User ID. If you do not use a password, the Logon window will be bypassed and you will automatically be logged into the software. However, if a password has been set up for the user, the User ID will be filled in and a password will be required.

To add a startup option to PracticeMaster

  1. Right-click the desktop icon used to start PracticeMaster and select Properties.
  2. From the Properties window, click the Shortcut tab. The startup option can be entered following the program file name in the Target field. An example of the Target field when using the User ID startup option is:”C:\Program Files\Tabs3\CM.EXE”  ALICEAn example of the Target field when using the option to start the Data File Integrity Check at a specified time is:”C:\Program Files\Tabs3\CM.EXE”  /DFIC  /T  11:30p

    Multiple startup options can be specified in the Target field if desired. Options must be separated by a space. An example of multiple startup options is:

    “C:\Program Files\Tabs3\CM.EXE”  /TIMER  /CALENDAR  /WEEKLY

  3. Click OK.

You can find a complete list of startup options applicable to the application you are working in by searching for “Help Topics” in the Quick Launch. On the Index tab, simply type “Startup Options”. For more information on automating tasks, including startup options, refer to Knowledge Base Article R11034, “Automating Tabs3 Software Maintenance Tasks.”

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