Feature Article: Tabs3 Billing Matter Manager

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The Tabs3 Billing Matter Manager acts as a central hub for matter-related information and activities in Tabs3 Billing. The Matter Manager allows you to view relevant information for each matter at a glance, perform common tasks, and run reports.

The following sections are available in the Tabs3 Billing Matter Manager:

Matter Information – Quickly view and edit matter information and notes. You can change the amount of information displayed in this section by using the arrow at the bottom.

Accounts Receivable tile – Displays the matter’s current accounts receivable balance and the last payment received.

Work-in-Process tile – Displays the total unbilled fees and costs and the last statement sent.

Client Funds/Trust Balance tile – Displays either the current client funds or trust account balance and the last activity for the account. You can toggle between these views by clicking the  (Display Options) icon in the upper-right corner of the tile and selecting your preferred view.

List Content – Transactions and statements can be viewed in a combined Recent Activity list or by type with additional detail. Click a work-in-process transaction from the list to open it in the appropriate editor. Click a statement from the list to view it in the Statement Information window.

Take Action pane – Click the  (Take Action) icon to perform matter related tasks such as adding transactions (including payments), generating and managing statements, and opening the matter in PracticeMaster or the trust account in Tabs3 Trust Accounting (Trust).

Reports pane – Click the  (Reports) icon to run reports for the current matter from a customizable list. Click the  (Customize Reports) icon in the upper-right corner of the pane to open the Customize Reports window. From this window, you can add or remove reports from the reports pane and update the report definition assigned to each report for use with the Matter Manager.

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