Spotlight: Statement Information Window

August 2020    Tags: , , ,

Beginning with Version 2020, you can now quickly access statement information via the Tabs3 Billing Matter Manager (File | Matter Manager). Simply click on a Statement from the Matter Manager to display a Statement Information window for that statement. The Statement Information window includes the following:

The Statement Information section shows matter information, the Statement Date, Statement #, the total Billed on the statement, and the total Amount still Due.

The Statement Preview displays a reprint of the statement, using the same functionality as the Reprint Updated Statements program. Like any preview window, you can search, zoom, and print directly from this preview.

The Take Action pane allows you to perform tasks related to the statement, such as reprinting or undoing the statement, adding a payment, or writing off the balance.

Note: This feature is available in Tabs3 Version 2020 beginning in Version 20.2.6.

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