Feature Article: Version 2021 is Released!

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Version 2021 has some great new features we know you’ll want right away!

All Applications

  • Simplified Update – Updating from Version 2020 to Version 2021 does not require a conversion. If updating from Version 19 to Version 2021, only a single conversion is required.
  • New Look – We’ve updated the icons for all of the actions on the Home page in each Tabs3 Software application to provide a fresh look.

Tabs3 Billing Highlights

  • Payment Information – Provides detailed payment allocation information for both archived and work-in-process payments. In addition to payment allocation, this page shows associated Tabs3 General Ledger transactions and payment adjustments (refunds or reversals).
  • Write Off Information – Provides detailed information about the selected write off, including a breakdown of how the write off was applied (each timekeeper, cost type, tax amount, or finance charge) across each statement that was written off, and who performed the write off.
  • Matter Manager:
    • Write Off List – This list provides an easy way to see any write off performed on the matter. Clicking an entry in the list displays the Write Off Information page.
    • Statement Status Indicators – The statement list in the Matter Manager now includes color-coded indicators to help you see at a glance which statements are unpaid and for how long.
  • Email an Individual Statement – In the Statement Manager or Statement Information window, a new Send Email action is available. This reprints the selected statement, just like using the Reprint Updated Statements feature, and then starts a new email with the statement attached.
  • Report Drilldown – We’ve updated numerous Tabs3 Billing reports to support drilling down to statements, payments, and write offs in the Report Preview window.

Tabs3 Trust Accounting and Accounts Payable Highlights

  • IRS 1099-MISC and 1099-NEC Changes for Tax Year 2020 – We’ve updated the software to support new requirements from the IRS for tax year 2020.

Updating to Version 2021 is as easy as using Check for Updates (Help | Check for Updates)!

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