Feature Article: Our Newest Features

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We have just added several new features! Use the Check for Updates feature (Help | Check for Updates) to make sure you are running the most recent release of Version 2020.

Update to Version 20.2.6 to access the following:

  • Tabs3 Billing Matter Manager – The Client Manager has been revamped and renamed to the Matter Manager. Like the PracticeMaster Matter Manager, the Tabs3 Matter Manager acts as a central hub for matter-related information and activities in Tabs3 Billing. The Matter Manager allows you to view relevant information for each matter at a glance, perform common tasks, and run reports.
  • Statement Information Window – Clicking on a Statement from the Matter Manager in Tabs3 Billing displays a Statement Information window for that statement. The Statement Information window includes matter information, statement totals, a preview of the statement, and the ability to perform common tasks.
  • Time Zones – PracticeMaster now allows you to specify a time zone for calendar events and tasks. If you opt to enable the time zone feature, new calendar records will be shown relative to the local time for each user. The PracticeMaster Calendar, PracticeMaster Dashboard, and Tabs3 Connect Calendar will all utilize the time zone setting on the device where records are being accessed. This also provides a more seamless integration of calendar records with Microsoft Outlook.
  • Field Length Changes – Increased the field length for several fields in the software, such as the Work Description in the Client file and the Amount field in the Payment file.

For more information on these great new features, as well as a detailed list of all new features in Version 2020, check out Knowledge Base Article R11812, “Version 2020 Introduction to New Features.”

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