Feature Article: QR Codes on Statements

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When using Tabs3Pay, you can now include a QR code on a statement with Version 2024 (Build 24.2). This allows a client to scan the QR code with a smartphone to pay their bills directly via a credit/debit card or electronic check. Those payments can then be imported into Tabs3 Billing from the Import Online Payments window.

QR codes can also be included when reprinting a single updated statement. This makes it easy to re-send a statement to a client and allow them to make a payment online.

To include the QR code, modify the page layout used as the first page of your statement or cover statement.

  1. From the Quick Launch, search for and select “Statement Designer.”
  2. Select the page layout where you want to add the QR code. (Note: When sending a combined statement for a client with multiple matters, the QR code should be added to the cover statement to allow a payment for the total amount due for all matters.)
  3. In the System Fields group, double-click the Payment QR Code field.
  4. Position the QR code as desired.
  5. Save the page layout.

Note: See KB Article R11905, “Requesting and Importing Tabs3Pay Online Payments and Trust Deposits,” for more information about configuring payment links, including Payment QR Codes.

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