KB Corner: Requesting and Importing Tabs3Pay Online Payments and Trust Deposits

August 2022    Tags: , , , ,

Tabs3 Billing includes the ability to insert a personalized link or button to Tabs3Pay in your email templates used for emailing statements and sending trust deposit requests. These links can then be used by your clients to pay their bills or make trust deposits directly via credit/debit card or electronic check. Those payments and trust deposits can then be imported into Tabs3 Billing using the Import Online Payments program.

Knowledge Base Article R11905, “Requesting and Importing Tabs3Pay Online Payments and Trust Deposits,” guides you through the steps necessary to include payment links in your Email Statements and import any payments you receive.

Our Knowledge Base can be accessed at support.Tabs3.com. You can also access our Knowledge Base in the Quick Launch by searching for and selecting “Knowledge Base.”

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