Video of the Month: Getting Paid Using Online Payments

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Do you want to get paid faster? Get paid quickly and securely by providing an online payment option to your clients!

In Version 19 we added the ability to include a ProPay payment link in your email statements. This provides a secure way for your clients to pay with a credit card when they check their email and see they owe your firm money. Once a payment is made online, import the payment into Tabs3 Billing, and you’re done!

The Getting Paid Using Online Payments video shows you an email statement template that includes a ProPay link, the ProPay payment portal, and then shows you how to import payments made via ProPay links into Tabs3. It’s never been easier to get paid!

Watch this two-minute video here:

Training Videos can be accessed at You can also access the videos while in the software by selecting Help | Training Videos.

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