Quick Tip: Change Client ID

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In most data entry files, like the Journal, Document Management, and Calendar files, you can easily change the Client ID by opening a record and changing it or via the Change Client ID feature. However, before now, there wasn’t a way to change the Client ID for a fee or cost in PracticeMaster without deleting the record and starting over. We recently enhanced Version 19 so that you can now use the Change Client ID feature in the PracticeMaster Fee and Cost files!

The Change Client ID feature can be used for one record, or multiple selected records. Additionally, you have the option to update the rate based on the selected client, which will automatically recalculate the amount of the transaction(s). The Change Client ID features can be accessed via the following:

  • In the Take Action group of the Quick Clicks pane, select Change Client ID
  • From the Edit menu, point to Action and select Change Client ID
  • Right-click the record(s), point to Action and select Change Client ID

When you change the Client ID of a record that has been processed into a fee, the linked fee’s Client ID will also be changed.

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